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Jun 18, 2024
Some interesting companies I’ve recently found some companies solving really impactful problems. Sharing the list in case anyone is interested. Jhourney.io - solving happiness through jhanas Wyndly.com - solving allergy through fixing immunity luminaprobiotic.com - solving cavities through changing the bacteria in the mouth…
May 5, 2021
Poland: Notes From a Different Place Poland isn’t an island, but it might as well be. On the surface, the country is the most Christian and fundamentalist place in the European Union, but the situation is a tad bit more complex than that.…
May 5, 2021
Crypto: the Three Endgames I’ve found recently this tweet: https://twitter.com/Tr0llyTr0llFace/status/1389548874688307203 I thought the three scenarios were interesting, so I thought to do a bit of a thought experiment and see when they happen.…
May 3, 2021
My First Post